Summer in Ontario is a great time to be outdoors taking advantage of the warm weather! That being said, it’s important to ensure your pet is well protected against parasites.

Parasites can cause serious illness and can be fatal if left untreated. For example, fleas can transmit tapeworms while mosquitoes can transfer heartworm to pets. Ticks can also spread a number of diseases such as Lyme disease which can affect both pets and people.

Oftentimes pets show no obvious signs or symptoms in the early stages of infection which is why parasite prevention is extremely important.

Here are some parasite prevention tips:

  • Protect your pet with the appropriate parasite prevention recommended by your veterinarian
  • Take your pet for routine check-ups and wellness blood testing
  • Perform regular parasite checks on your pet after being outdoors
  • Wash your hands after any exposure to dirt, sand, pet feces, and raw meat
  • Keep your yard free of feces by picking up stool regularly

Remember, it’s much easier to prevent disease than to treat it!

Speak to your veterinarian about what parasite prevention is best for your pet.


Pet Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention Tips