October 16 – 22, 2016

National Veterinary Technician Week

Help Us Celebrate Our Veterinary Technicians!

This year, Sunday October 16th kicks off National Veterinary Technician Week, and we cannot wait to start celebrating these important members of your veterinary health care team. We ask that you join us in thanking these amazing staff members by reading our newsletter and asking yourself “just what do veterinary technicians do?”

What Do They Do?

National Veterinary Technician WeekThe profession of veterinary technology has to be one of the most complex professions yet. It encompasses so much more than what meets the eye. Veterinary Technicians are absolutely fundamental to providing excellent medical care to your pets. They are your pets’ nurses, anesthesiologists, dental hygienists, pharmacists, lab technicians, x-ray technicians, and so much more! They are the comforting touch, assuring that your pet remains comfortable throughout their visit with us.

A Small Overview…

Demand Training Self-Regulated
1950 1970 2006
The demand for this profession developed when family pets became more common in the 1950’s. The Canadian Association of Animal Health Technicians (CAAHT) is formed. Veterinary Technicians of Ontario become the first to be self-regulated.

Behind Closed Doors…

There is always a lot happening in a clinic, and at
any given time, at the heart of it all is a
hard-working Veterinary Technician.

Client Communication

National Veterinary Technician WeekOne of the first and most important aspects of the veterinary technician profession is client communication. They are there to communicate with you. They are there to explain, educate, council, comfort and support. In most cases, they are the first face you see when you arrive and the last when you leave.

Patient Care

National Veterinary Technician WeekThey are on the front lines of patient care. Veterinary Technicians are the ones changing bandages, inserting IV catheters, administering medications, taking temperatures, drawing blood samples, preparing for surgery… what they do in terms of patient care is limitless!

Dental Hygiene

National Veterinary Technician WeekVeterinary Technicians, during dental surgeries, are usually responsible for cleaning the patient’s teeth, monitoring the surgery, and for patient pre-operative and post-operative care. They are one of the key players in ensuring your pet’s mouth is clean and healthy.


National Veterinary Technician WeekIn the process of any surgery, the veterinary technician is not only often assisting, but also monitoring. Veterinary Technicians play a crucial role in your pets’ surgical procedures. Under the DVM’s orders, they at the ones administering and adjusting your pets’ anesthesia levels, and the ones assuring your pets’ post-surgical recovery.


National Veterinary Technician Week!